Special Interest Group On User Services


SIGUS is the Special Interest Group on User Services in the Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC). We provide a forum for user services professionals of the member institutions of JUCC to share their experiences, problems encountered, ideas and practices in order to excel in providing quality user services.


SIGUS’ mission is to enhance the user services, including but not limited to training, documentation, consulting, helpdesk operation, end user support, job management and services management, of information technology and information system in the member institutions of JUCC by:

  • Sharing experiences, ideas, policies and practices on provision and management of user services among SIGUS member institutions;
  • Facilitating inter-institution collaboration on joint user services initiatives or projects;
  • Promoting good practices and industrial standards to user services practitioners and professionals of member institutions;
  • Developing good practices in user services and general reference guidelines in IT services in member institutions.


SIGUS focuses on issues surrounding the user services of information technology in higher education. These services include, but are not limited to, training, documentation, consulting, helpdesk operation, end user support, job management and services management.

SIGUS Members

The SIGUS is composed of at least two representatives from each member institution of JUCC. The Convenor of SIGUS is selected from the representatives and serves for a one-year term.

The University of Hong Kong

Mr Roger Wong
Mr Wong Wai Kin

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Ms Wendy Chan
Mr Benson Cheng
Mr Simon Ngai

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Ms Miranda Leung
Mr Pony Ma
Mr Spencer Lo

City University of Hong Kong

Mr Kyle Cheung
Mr Joe Chow
Mr Ian Or

Hong Kong Baptist University

Mr Banmas Li
Ms Gladys Lau

The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyMs Debbie Leung
Ms Theresa Lo
Mr Doug Wong
Mr Dennis Ko
Lingnan University

Ms Veronica Yick (Convenor)
Mr Daniel Lau

The Education University of Hong Kong

Mr Kelvin Cheng
Mr Ivan Lam
Mr Leung Wing Hing

Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Mr Thomas Sit
Mr Philip Tang
Mr Timothy Tang

Vocational Training Council

Mr Nelson Ho

University of Macau

Ms Laura Chiang
Mr Winson Cheang

Tung Wah College

Mr Lewis Cheung 
Mr. Alex Wut

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Mr. Benjamin Ma
Ms Noel Ng
Mr Chris Wong

The Hang Seng University of Hong KongMr Mike Ching
Mr Danny Lam
Chu Hai College of Higher EducationMr Owen Chen
Caritas Institute of Higher EducationMr Chan Ka Fai
Mr Alex Chow