About JUCC

Incorporated in 1970, the Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC) is a cooperative effort of the Computing/Information Technology Services Centres of the eight government-funded tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. Being the consortium of the tertiary institutions of Hong Kong, the JUCC has a long history of inter-institutional collaboration in the development and application of IT in the higher education community, contributing to education and the development of IT in Hong Kong.


JUCC’s primary objective is to coordinate, develop, provide and advise on computing and Information Technology (IT) services in teaching, learning, research and administration for its member institutions and Hong Kong’s education community at large. The JUCC today comprises eight institutional Full Members and ten Affiliate Members.

Our Mission

Fostering collaborations among member institutions

Fostering deep collaborations among higher education member institutions

Providing cutting-edge IT facilities and Support services

Providing cutting-edge IT facilities and support services for academic and research advancement and excellence

Serving the future IT needs​

Serving the future IT needs of higher education and Hong Kong

Developing collaborations

Developing collaborations with academia and professionals around the world


  • pioneering work in setting up inter-campus computer network services
  • establishment of HARNET, Hong Kong’s first academic and research network
  • introducing high-speed international Internet connections
  • pioneer establishment of the .hk domain name registration and administration
  • enabling collaborations with universities in Greater China and Asia Pacific for academic and research excellence
  • building partnerships with national and international advanced NGI research networks
  • establishment of strategic procurement partnerships
  • providing a forum for IT sector thought leadership
  • encouraging high level strategic thinking on the evolution of IT in higher education
  • facilitating shared services
  • sharing and exchanging knowledge and best practices
  • developing future University IT leaders by establishing Leadership Institutes


The JUCC was first incorporated in September 1970. The aim of forming JUCC was to provide a comprehensive computing service to the two universities at that time, namely, The University of Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong. With the establishment of more government-funded tertiary institutions in the subsequent years and JUCC’s consideration to admit other public and self-funded universities and post-secondary colleges as affiliate members, the size of JUCC membership kept on growing. By now, JUCC has a total of eight Full Members and ten Affiliate Members.