Teaching & Learning Technologies

Being the consortium of tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, JUCC endeavours to continuously enhance teaching and learning. The COVID-19 pandemic starting in 2020 in Hong Kong has drastically increased the demand for online teaching and learning. To meet the need, JUCC task forces and special interest groups have explored various means to improve teaching and learning technologies with their versatile expertise.


The Network Task Force (NTF) closely monitors the network traffic and attempted various solutions to enhance the stability and improve the performance of online teaching and learning tools, such as Zoom and Teams. In response to the increased demand for network performance due to online teaching and learning needs, NTF performed various Proof-of-Concept (PoC) and adopted direct peering solutions that achieved an improvement in traffic performance.


The Special Interest Group on User Services (SIGUS) also engaged their members to make presentations and exchange different topics of IT services delivery regarding online learning. As a result, members of JUCC institutions learnt problems encountered and good practices from each other so that they could deliver quality user services to teachers and students who were adapting to the different modes of teaching and learning.


A new Special Interest Group on Online Teaching and Learning (SIGOTL) was established in 2021 for JUCC members to exchange experiences and technology updates in response to online teaching and learning needs. Members share IT support and experiences in related technologies for online teaching and learning, including e-learning systems and tools, classroom and learning environments for hybrid teaching or blended learning, online examination solutions, etc.


These initiatives were fully supported by the JUCC Steering Committee and funded by JUCC. JUCC will continue its efforts to explore and improve teaching and learning technologies in pursuit of service excellence for the betterment of teaching and learning experience in JUCC member institutions.