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JUCC Offsite Workshop in Brisbane, Australia (16 to 22 April 2023)

The JUCC Offsite Workshop took place in Brisbane, Australia from 16 to 22 April 2023. The purpose of the trip was to att ...

Notice of change of address for JUCC Office

The JUCC Office has been moved to a new location. Please refer to Contact Us for the updated address. ...

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Incorporated in 1970, the Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC) is a cooperative effort of the Computing/Information Technology Services Centres of the eight government-funded tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. Being the consortium of the tertiary institutions of Hong Kong, the JUCC has a long history of inter-institutional collaboration in the development and application of IT in the higher education community, contributing to education and the development of IT in Hong Kong. JUCC’s primary objective is to coordinate, develop, provide and advise on computing and Information Technology (IT) services in teaching, learning, research and administration for its member institutions and Hong Kong’s education community at large. The JUCC today comprises eight institutional Full Members and eleven Affiliate Members.


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