Identity and Access Management Task Force

The Identity and Access Management Task Force (IAM-TF) is established by the JUCC Steering Committee to provide a platform for sharing of experience in the application of IAM technologies and practices among JUCC Member Institutions. It also provides advice to the HKAF Operator Team on long-term strategy and development, administrative and technical optimization, as well as on changes to the HKAF (Hong Kong Access Federation) policy framework before making recommendation to the Steering Committee.

For more details about HKAF, please visit https://www.hkaf.edu.hk/.



Membership of IAM-TF comprises representatives from all JUCC Full Members and some Affiliate Members. The IAMTF Convenor is appointed by the Steering Committee and serves for a one-year term. Mr Joe Lee of The City University of Hong Kong is appointed as the IAMTF Convenor since January 2023.

The University of Hong Kong Mr Leo Lam
Ms Angela Siu
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Mr Philip Ling
Ms C Y Tsang
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Mr Toby Chan
Mr Patrick Fung
City University of Hong Kong Mr Oscar Cheng
Mr Chris Fung
Mr Joe Lee (Convenor)
Hong Kong Baptist University Mr Jerry Wan
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Mr Y F Lai
Mr Chris Leung
Lingnan University Dr Waiman Cheung
Dr Bennie Wong
The Education University of Hong Kong Mr T K Kwan
Mr Daniel Lam
Mr Fred Pang
Mr Ken Tang
Vocational Training Council Mr Zeta Lau
Mr Jerry Wong
Mr Timothy Yip
University of Macau Mr Marco Ma
Tung Wah College Mr Terence Law
Ms Chloe Lo
Mr Alex Wut
Chu Hai College of Higher Education Mr William Chung