Network Task Force

The Network Task Force (NTF), reporting to the JUCC Steering Committee, is responsible for the operation and technical management of the HARNET (Hong Kong Academic and Research Network) and its connections to Internet, local Internet exchange and research networks. The NTF closely monitors the performance of the HARNET/Internet infrastructure and ensuring non-interrupted network services.

The NTF is entrusted to leverage HARNET and use it as a shared platform more effectively for JUCC members. Members will discuss and propose network improvement plans, advise on usage policy and coordinate joint efforts in all network related issues.


Membership of NTF comprises representatives from all JUCC Full Members. JUCC Affiliate Members connecting to HARNET are also invited to join as observers. Dr Waiman Cheung of Lingnan University is appointed as Chairman of the NTF since August 2021.

Appointed Members
The University of Hong Kong

Mr Roger Wong
Ms Katherine Kwok (Deputy Chairman)
Mr Tony Wan

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Mr Walter Lee

The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityMr Patrick Tsui
Mr S K Hau
Mr Fenix Lau
Mr Joseph Lam
City University of Hong KongMr Cyril Ha
Mr Alex Lam
Hong Kong Baptist UniversityMr Johnny Au-Yeung
Mr Ken Yam
The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyMr C S Wong
Mr Lee Man Kit
Lingnan UniversityDr Waiman Cheung (Chairman)
Mr Max Yiu
The Education University of Hong KongMr T K Kwan
Mr Fred Pang
HARNET Technical SupportMr K W Pong (CUHK)
Hong Kong Metropolitan UniversityMr Derek Pong
Mr Michael Lo
Vocational Training CouncilMr Ringo Chan

The Network Task Force undertakes the responsibility of overlooking the following projects: