Information Security Task Force

JUCC Information Security Task Force

Information Security Task Force

The Information Security Task Force (ISTF) is a risk management strategy and functional mechanism established by the JUCC Steering Committee to address critical information security issues in the JUCC member institutions.   It is a mutual trusted platform for collaborating information security (IS) incident management, sharing of IS management and technical knowledge, and developing IS staff with the necessary skill set.


Membership of ISTF comprises representatives from all JUCC Full Members and Affiliate Members. The ISTF Convenor is appointed by the Steering Committee and serves for a two-year term. Mr Joseph Lam of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is re-appointed as the ISTF Convenor for the year 2015-2017.

Institution Representatives
The University of Hong Kong Mr John Lam
Mr Justin Law (alternate)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Ms Connie Law
Ms Lily Cheung (alternate)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Mr Joseph Lam (Convenor)
Mr Carter Lau (alternate)
City University of Hong Kong Mr Vincent Yiu (Deputy Convenor)
Mr Alex Lam (alternate)
Hong Kong Baptist University Mr Steven Chan
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Mr Charles Choy
Mr Peter Chang (alternate)
Lingnan University Dr Rosiah Ho
The Hong Kong Institute of Education Mr Francis Fong
The Open University of Hong Kong Mr David She
Mr Philip Tang (alternate)
Vocational Training Council Mr Terence Sze
Mr Jerry Kwok (alternate)
University of Macau Mr Jeff Wai
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Mr Henry Ma
Mr Wong Chi Ho (alternate)
Hang Seng Management College Mr Samuel Shum
Mr Mike Ching (alternate)
Secretary Ms Pik Yan (JUCC)

Background History and Development

Information Security (IS) is a vital ingredient of any institution and has become increasingly importance and complexity. Back in 2002, the JUCC has formed a Special Interest Group on Security (SIGS), chaired by Mr. Raymond Poon (CityU), to exchange ideas on best management practices for securing IT information in a university environment. In 2009, the JUCC applied for and received a special project funding from the University Grants Committee (UGC) to establish a JUCC Information Security Taskforce of the eight UGC-funded member institutions, with the mission to promote collaboration between JUCC member institutions with respect to increasing awareness and knowledge of Information Security.

The Taskforce was formally founded in September 2009 with Dr. Jeff McDonell, (LU), served as the founding Convenor.   After the departure of Dr. Jeff McDonell in December 2009, Mr. Gerrit Bahlman (PolyU) was elected to be the Chairman of the IS Taskforce. Under the leadership of Mr. Bahlman, the project objective was successfully achieved within the agreed timelines and budget.  The rich project deliverables include a recommended Information Security Governance Structure, Risk Assessments on each of the eight JUCC member institutions, IS Trainings, IS Conferences and IS Newsletters.

After completion of the project, the JUCC Steering Committee reformed the Taskforce into a formal establishment, the JUCC Information Security Task Force (ISTF) in March 2012. Membership of the new ISTF was extended to JUCC Affiliate Members.   The ISTF has now developed into an effective platform for IS professionals of JUCC member institutions to

  • Discuss and exchange ideas on best management practices for securing IT information in a university environment; with special emphasis on Information Security Policies and Security Plans
  • Share information on security products and the experience on using these products
  • Develop, evaluate, and/or implement jointly security hardware, software, policies and guidelines